Toddler Care & Education Programs

It’s a whole new ballgame once your toddler is mobile.


1 - 2 years

Toddler Daily Schedule

Toddler Child Care Daily Schedule

Learning through play is our focus for your busy Toddler. We have great lessons and activities for your one year and two year old. They’ll have a full and fun day when they enroll at Pine Crest Private School!

Daily Schedule of Activities in Toddler Child Care

  1. Arrival
  2. Child’s Choice - Discovery Centers
  3. Snack
  4. Circle Time
  5. Two Rotating Classes each day
    • Spanish
    • Technology
    • Arts/Music
    • Recreation (P.E.)
  6. Outdoor Play
  7. Lunch
  8. Story Time
  9. Rest Time/Quiet Time
  10. Snack Time
  11. Outdoor Play
  12. Child’s Choice - Discovery Centers

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