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Reviews from Current and Former Families

We sincerely appreciate all of these kind words from current and former Pine Crest parents. We encourage you to read the reviews below. We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone. This will allow you to get unfiltered feedback on what we believe is the top private preschool around!

As a mother of three, one or more of my children have been enrolled at Pine Crest Private School since it opened 4 years ago.  The convenient location of the center is perfect for my family especially that it is close to our Elementary School.  I fell in love with this place on our first tour.  The cabin/outdoor atmosphere makes you feel so welcome and the center is always so clean.  The teachers and staff are very friendly, caring and attentive.  They really take an interest in your child.  Pine Crest Private School has a school-based curriculum and I have been impressed with the level of education my kids have received.  My kids have also enjoyed the extra activities offered such as Tumblebus and Jitterbugs.  I recommend Pine Crest Private School to anyone looking for a quality childcare center.

Amy Sanders

We consider Pine Crest a loving extension of our family and we can’t thank the staff enough for the caring, quality academic experience they have provided our daughters.  Our oldest enrolled at 2 years old and started Kindergarten this year well prepared after graduating from Pine Crest’s Jr. K program.  The transition for our baby at 3 months was smooth with their well-trained staff.  Besides offering a nurturing, educational day, they provide additional outlets for fun with an annual Spring party, Fall Carnival, and Holiday Program for the families to enjoy.

Tammy and Jeff Mores

I am very pleased with the quality of care and education my son is receiving at Pine Crest Private School.  He is excited to go to school each day to see his friends and teachers and is learning at such a fast pace!  He is receiving a wonderful balance in all areas of child development and will be more than ready for Kindergarten!

Jennifer Quinalty

I would recommend Pine Crest private school to any parent in search of a quality care provider in NWA.  I trust the teachers with the care of my 2 children each day, for over 2 years.  I find the staff to be nurturing and attentive to my children’s needs.  They work hard to create an educational environment to encourage the children to thrive.  Mother of Landon & Avery

Jessica McNitt

Ms. Barb,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how impressed we are with Ms. April in the ladybug’s room.  Our son, Landon, started in that room a few weeks ago.  Initially we were very disappointed that Ms. Deena had left (she was in there when our daughter, Hadley was in that room) as we always felt she was a great teacher.  However, Ms. April has really exceeded our expectations in her short time at Pinecrest.  She is always very professional and addresses my husband, myself and Hadley by our names (I’m sure it’s very hard to remember the names of all parents).  She always lets me know that I am welcome to call or come in and check on Landon at any time.  At the end of the day, she is always quick to give a detailed update on how Landon was that day and anything we may need to be aware of.  We can be very particular about his schedule and she works very hard to make sure that our requests are met.

It is SO helpful that she is there both in the mornings when we drop him off AND in the afternoons when we pick him up so that we can talk to someone who has been with him the majority of the day (the head teacher in Hadley’s room is not there in the mornings or in the afternoons when we pick her up so we can never get a very good account of her day).

In the 2.5 years that our older daughter has been at Pine Crest, we have experienced many great and caring teachers but Ms. April really stands apart as one of the best.  It is evident that she takes her job very seriously and cares about the babies that she is entrusted with.  Ms. April is a prime example of what a great daycare teacher should be and we are so glad that she is at Pine Crest and watches our son everyday.  I just wanted to make sure you are aware of what a great job she is doing.

Thank you,

Briana and Jason Stiles

Briana and Jason Stiles

We have been with Pine Crest for over 3 years and I can honestly say that it has never been better in all of that time than it has been in the short time under Dawn’s leadership.  Dawn truly puts the children first and respects the wishes of the parents.  She goes above and beyond to make the place an environment where the children can thrive and enjoy themselves and can be who they are.  The staff is also skilled and trained and truly cares about our children.

As a parent, it is a difficult enough decision to choose whether to work or stay home with our children while they are young and it gives me tremendous piece of mind knowing that my children are well taken care of and that the facility is being led by someone who sincerely cares about our children and their needs, who puts their needs first to provide a nurturing and educational environment for them.

There are so many new and exciting things at Pine Crest and the facility looks better than ever.  We are excited to be a part of it for several years to come under Dawn’s leadership!

Tina Miles

Tina Miles

We have been at Pine Crest for about one year now. The school has gone through some managment changes over the year but now has an absolutely wonderful management team in place. We love the director and the teachers at the daycare. There is a great student to teacher ratio and they are always looking out for the wellbeing of my kids. They keep the kids busy with activities all the time and have fun things like parent night out, Halloween parties, Valentine dances, Jitterbugs, Tumble Bus, Happy Feet, etc at the daycare. I have one child on the infant side of the daycare and another in Junior K and I must say I am very satisfied with the daycare. The other thing that is great is when we have winter weather and most other daycares in the area close down completely; Pine Crest will open up still for part of the day. This is great for working parents!

-Pine Crest Family

Pine Crest Family

My daughters have been at Pinecrest most of their lives and we have always loved the school and teachers there! The director, Dawn, is amazing and we always feel like we can come to her with any concern and she addresses it immediately. The facility is fantastic and my children have learned so much with their time there! I would highly recommend the school if you are looking for a safe and loving place to send your children.

-Pine Crest Family

Pine Crest Family

I have a 2 year old daughter that attends Pine Crest. She began going there shortly after her 1st birthday and we LOVE it. She had a difficult time adjusting to it since she had always been at home with family up until that point but the staff and teachers worked with her and helped her and us so much with the adjustment phase. There are so many reasons why we love Pine Crest and I will name a few:

  • Safety: I feel like when we drop our child off in the mornings she is going to be safe while she is there. The school requires a door code to enter and then has additional locks in order to get to the children. It comforts me to know that not just anyone can get in. Anytime someone other than my Husband or I pick my child up, they call to verify that we are expecting someone else to get her (even if they are listed on the approved list). I know that safety is their #1 concern and feel like she is in great hands while at school.
  • Learning: My daughter has learned so much while at Pine Crest. They teach the children sign language to help them express their wants/needs before they are able to talk. My daughter did excellent at learning the signs and still uses them today in addition to her words. She just turned 2 and she knows her shapes, some colors, and can recognize some of her letters. They teach the children, but also strive to make learning fun. In my opinion, this promotes a life-long love for learning. They also offer enrichment classes for the children to work one-on-one or in groups with a teacher. The teacher works on their weaknesses and builds on their strengths in this class. It is also available for children in the after school program to help them with their homework or with any struggles they are having in school. They also have a computer lab with a SmartBoard that the kids get to use.
  • Food: Pine Crest designs their menu so that it is healthy, but also so that it is food that the children will actually eat. They have recently restructured their menu to add more child-friendly foods to their menu. They usually send out a menu for 3 or 4 weeks at a time so that parents know what is being served and can send food for their child if they know that they wouldn’t eat what is being served that day.
  • Recreation: The have several extra-curricular activities that they offer the children. I know they have soccer, JitterBugs (dance), and a TumbleBus that the kids can enroll in. They have 2 or 3 playgrounds outside as well as an awesome indoor gym for when there is inclement weather. They also do several events during the year.
  • Cleanliness- I can honestly say that I have never been in a daycare that is as clean as Pine Crest. When you walk in, it smells clean and not like dirty diapers.
  • Decor- This is seriously the cutest school ever! It is decorated kind of like a log cabin. They have stuffed animal bears, elk, geese, etc. all over the school and it feels like you are walking in a wilderness lodge when you walk in. I think the decor is what got my Daughter through the first few days here. They do a phenomenal job decorating for each Holiday. It’s a special touch that just makes Pine Crest a notch above the rest.

These are some of the things I love most about Pine Crest, but honestly I could name a million more. The bottom line is they love my child and treat her like she is their own. I know that when I drop her off she is going to be loved and protected until I pick her up again. Pine Crest has made numerous changes during the last couple of months- all for the better. I am blessed that we found this little school.

-Pine Crest Family

Pine Crest Family

I just wanted to send a sincere “thank you”!

Our daughter, Tana, had the privilege o attending the Pine Crest Private School in Bentonville for the last few months. Unfortunately, we had to relocate for work and we left in mid-December.

This experience that we had with Pine Crest from the beginning was amazing. I enjoyed the friendliness of the employees and the organization of the palce. Everyone treated us like family from the start, but mrs. Jenny, Tana’s Jr-K teacher, is truly a speccial and unique person. From the day I met her she was working on a display for the front entrance area. She was welcoming and left me feeling like this is the right place for Tana to be! Over the next couple months, she impressed mew ith the way that she interacted with the kids, and the genuine sense that these kids are family to her. She definately found her calling in life. Tana was excited for school on a daily basis, and the rate at which she was learning things was really amazing to me. Tana had a great head start being in Mrs. Jenny’s class. The teacher truly made the difference. I am sure this information does not come as a surprise to anyone that has worked with her, but If elt you should know what a great experience we had at your facility.

We can’t thank you enough.


Jeni & Scott Ortolani

Jeni & Scott Ortolani

Hi! I hope that this note finds you doing well. I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that I think Ms. Tammy is fabulous! Since she has joined the Raccoons’ class, we have seen vast improvements with Cameron-with his social skills, his behavior, hit potty training progress and just in general. Ms. Tammy has been INSTRUMENTAL in these improvements and we are so blessed to have her as Cameron’s teacher because she not only cares, but she treats the children as if they were her own (and this is rare to find!) I wanted you to know that I am so thankful for her warm spirit and teaching abilities and that we thank God e very day for her presence in Cameron’s life…she is FABULOUS!

On another note, if you ever need hep with the Raccoons’ or Bumble Bees class, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks for everything that you are doing to make Pine Crest a second home for my children.

Blake Sias

Blake Sias

Thank you for all your hard work last night! I know you put in a lot of hours and may not hear it much, but it’s appreciated more than you know. I love how you create a family atmosphere in a school. You and your staff amaze me all the time. Thank you for all you do for the kids and their parents.

Merrick’s Mom

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